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Teaching Excellence

With just the right balance of structure and openness, Amy Forman provides specialized tutoring to support the success of your unique child. She teaches students with special needs and those who benefit from extra support with the rigorous elementary school level curriculum. Starting with an individualized plan, Amy optimizes learning opportunities to guide the trajectory toward greater possibilities for your child.

Serving East Cobb County Georgia and vicinity

Amy Forman, M.Ed. / / 770-329-4474

About Amy Forman

Amy Forman appreciates and celebrates the uniqueness in each child. It's her passion to help a student engage and succeed in learning, whether academic or social/behavioral. She provides a creative, solution-focus in designing and refining individual programs to address a child's needs. Moreover, Amy implements brain-based strategies to make studies memorable and retrievable. Going beyond traditional tutoring of academics, she helps students find their own recipes for success. Amy incorporates social skills and behavioral instruction within the context of the academic lesson.

Her background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Brandeis University and a Master's Degree in Special Education from Lesley College. Amy is certified to teach Special Education and Elementary Education. Recently retired after teaching 11 years for Cobb County public schools, she has also taught pre-school and elementary school children in private school and spiritual school settings. Amy was voted Teacher of the Year for 2009/2010 at Murdock Elementary and received an Office Max "Make a Day Better" recognition for dedication and passion for education. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brandeis University and was elected into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society for academic excellence and enthusiasm for learning.

Tutoring Services

Solution Focused

Amy goes beyond traditional academic tutoring to focus on the whole child. For a student with special needs or a child with academic challenges, Amy works to uncover his or her unique recipes for success. It may be the need to work on self-confidence, focus, cooperation, communication, or simply the ability to see his or her own gifts. The ultimate aim is to take successful strategies learned in the tutoring setting into other environments--home, school, social situations, etc. Furthermore, instead of concentrating on a child's problem or "disability", Amy focuses on finding and implementing solutions.

Brain-Based Engagement

Interests are a gateway to engagement, and engagement is foundational to learning that is both memorable and retrievable. A student's strengths and his or her areas of expertise are incorporated into tutoring sessions, allowing successes to build upon successes. Teaching creatively through games and a play, Amy uses brain-based strategies. Adding kinesthetic/movement with extra visual support creates more pathways of possibility for understanding.

Respectful Pacing

Her respect for a child's developmental readiness is a given, and her pacing is mindful of a child's ability to absorb and integrate the information. Overwhelm shuts down learning. Incorporating a playful approach gets the brain's attention and adds ease to the process of learning.

Partnering with Parents

Amy is exceptional in her level of respect for child and parent input in goal and curriculum development. Moreover, she provides concrete positive feedback after each tutoring session to praise progress and provide avenues to reinforce learning. Home-school parents and students may feel particularly well met in Amy's appreciation of the whole child--emotional, behavioral, as well as academic.


Please call or e-mail to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Amy looks forward to discovering pathways for greater engagement, success, and ease in learning for your child!

Amy H. Forman, M.Ed. in Special Education / Certified in Elementary Education / 770-329-4474